Scott County

June 18, 2016

Does this sound familiar?  You have a legacy iSeries application.  It's packaged software, but it has been modified so much that you decided to drop support years ago.  One person has been working with it for 15 plus years and knows every aspect of it like the back of their hand and they are the only person in your shop that knows anything about it.  Oh, and that person just turned in their notice.  

If you are an IT director, CIO, or senior IT manager, then you know the sinking feeling in your stomach, the sleepless nights, the anxiety and worry when something like this happens.  
AS/400 professionals aren’t exactly being cranked out of the local universities and even if they were, who wants to invest 10 years getting someone new up to speed on your business, much less the application and the environment that it runs in.  Let’s be honest, you probably stopped getting very involved years ago, so you hardly know much about what kind of mess this person has built over the years.  It didn’t seem to matter because he was always there, always able to handle any issues that arose.  But, in 10 days he will be gone and you have no backup, no idea what to do.
Well, this is an all-to-familiar story for the iSeries team at JDB IT.  We have walked into situations like this and been successful and helping the client through this tough transition.  Read our spotlight article if you’d like to learn more.  

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Dealing with JDB is always a great experience!

— Melissa, Customer Service Manager